Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? 

& How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM? (main stream media)
Thank You Alan ( about me )

This is the Article I wrote in February 2018 and was contacted shortly afterward by an Agent from the Dept. Of State who complimented me on my intellectual abilities plus a former member of the Executive Staff of the White House who ended his term early to support the Administration from the outside exchanged messages on social media and began following me. These were to me Nods of support indicating I’m on their radar and supported my work. Many know you have to read between the lines plus massive research to discern politics at the present time in History as we are in an Active State of Emergency and in an active War Called OPERATION ENDURING FREEDOM – GITMO. The MSM is leading the public on a goose chase because they are likely the biggest Asset of the Deep State Swamp and a great challenge for the Military Operation Currently returning America back to a Soverign Republic after over a century of World Central Bank & Masonic Control plus The Bilderburg Group Agenda since 1957. ❤

Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? What has Really Been Going On Behind the Scenes & How Much Will You Actually Be Told in MSM?

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6 thoughts on “Spiritual Warfare, or Just Dirty Politics? 

  1. Thank you! Yes I’m a Patriot and not a SWAMP Creature! My Bank Account can validate that. Swamp creatures are flush with cash. They keep those defenders of the Sovereignty of American with limited resources to rise up against Tyranny! Warm regards, Alan


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